kinney is the leader of the murder dogs , he has the powers to shape shift and the power to posses things like dogs , other humans, ect.


Kinney is a Orange yellow dog and he has a a tuft of fur at the top of his head which is almost always chrome yellow, his hair did change to black for Halloween. He wears a gold chain with a murder dog chain on the end , all the blue features on a normal murder dog (except for the hair) is black on kinney. Compared to a black, normal looking murder dog , Kinney's tail is very long and furry, this is because Kinney isa different strain of murder dog.



Kinney was the leader of the murder dogs (the overlord) until Chip took

Over , now he is the god of the murder dogs. Kinney is the god of light

Some sub-human murder dogs wear a greyhound charm on a chain

To symbolise Kinney or Chip.


  1. Kinney , when he isnt possessing anything, is 42 years old
  2. Despite being yellow now, Kinney was a black dog.
  3. The first OC of Kinney was a blue and purple wolf.
  4. Unlike Chip or Dexter, Kinney is not undead . This is because there is no one to kill him.

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